Five Dating Tips for a Successful Relationship


Every time a guy tells me about his dating experience, I discover he's making the same dating mistakes that most guys do, dating mistakes that kill his chances of successfully dating sexy women. Some people find dating to be an absolute nightmare. Whether you've been dating for years, are returning to the game, or are just getting started, you could always use some dating advice.

1) Pay attention to her and listen to what she has to say.

Most men try to impress sexy women by talking nonstop. Everything has been said to sexy women before. But if you ask her about herself, shut up and listen, and show a SMALL amount of interest, she'll wonder why you're not slobbering all over her. She'll want to learn more about you... you're now a challenge, and sexy women love a challenge. Why? Because they rarely come across one.

2) Ask some questions.

Make a list of questions before you leave the house, such as, "How did you get into that line of work?" Where did you attend school? Have you seen the latest Tom Cruise film? And so forth. If a woman tells you about her weekend at a yoga center and you know nothing about it, simply ask her what she likes about it, how she got into it, and so on.


3) Express your appreciation to the other person.

Show genuine appreciation by mentioning something you enjoy. If the thought of complimenting a woman on her soulful eyes makes you nervous, mention her watch, dress, hairstyle, or even her shoes. There's no need to go overboard: "Nice shoes" will suffice.

4) Be true to yourself.

Exaggerating or boasting about your credentials, successes, and so on will only turn the woman off. Make the other party feel at ease so she does not feel obligated to impress or lie to you. Sincerity is the most effective policy. Nobody feels more at ease in the presence of people who are genuine and sincere.

5) Treat your date like royalty.

Buy her flowers, dinner, and make her feel special. Demonstrate to her how much you appreciate her company. Women adored being showered with attention and pampered by their husbands. Cook a meal at home and spend the evening watching movies or doing something else, such as playing a board game, for the next date. The meal will almost certainly be superior to that of a restaurant.

Enjoy dating and living life to the fullest while you can. For a change, you'll attract women who are looking for someone special.


Published on: 4/17/22, 9:19 AM