Married Woman 'I Regret My Action'

My home is in danger. I am in full regret. I am losing my husband because of my ex, he called me urgently so that I could join him one evening because he had something important to tell me according to him and he had insisted so much which I ended up accepting.

We went to eat and then went to a hidden bar which I can't mention here. He drank so much that I had to walk him home.
When I got home, I cleaned him up by giving him a bath and as I couldn't leave him alone, I sent a message to my husband to make up a story. I told him that I was sleeping with one of my cousins who needed me.

So I slept with him but we didn't do anything. The next day I cooked for him and came home.




But since I came home my husband started asking me questions, I denied it and insisted that I was at my cousin's house.
After a week, he became another person in the house. He doesn't even look at me anymore, he doesn't eat my food anymore, he cooks himself, at night, he doesn't touch me, he spends his nights in the living room most of the time.

I told  one of his close friends who ended up admitting to me that two of my husband's friends saw me in the bar with my ex and sent him photos.
I have begged my husband he doesn't want to hear anything. I regret my action I didn't sleep with my ex but my husband thinks the opposite. I don't know what to do to prove to him that it's false.

I need your advice please help me my home is in danger.


Published on: 4/4/24, 12:06 PM